Electrical maintenance is a core part of what we do. Our team are fully versed in the latest health and safety regulations, and so are more than able to fulfil any of your maintenance needs.


We understand the importance of monitoring electrical safety and can advise on any number of issues or concerns you may have. Both domestic and commercial work falls within our remit.


As a new or existing homeowner it's always a good idea to have your property checked, particularly if unsure of its underlying condition.

We will efficiently and systematically test electrical outlets and connections with our highly accurate equipment. This way we can pick up on any anomalies that, if left, could manifest and become a real danger over time. Not to mention the costs and stress you could have to go through to resolve it.  

You may also have ideas on altering the electrical setup of specific rooms/spaces to better meet your needs. We'll be more than happy to talk you through the opportunities and current limitations to help you reach the most cost-effective solution of exactly what you want.


When letting a property, we know that true peace of mind doesn't come easy. The standard of electrical safety is just one aspect you're required to manage for your tenants. It is however crucial, and we can carry out periodic checks to ensure that it's one less thing you need to worry about.


We appreciate that carrying out work within a place of business isn't always the most convenient. However we are self-aware, and will be sure to complete the work with minimal fuss. Otherwise we will be happy to discuss 'out of hours' work if that suits better.

Regular or one-off maintenance checks can be arranged for offices, shop spaces and other areas of operation. We're able to inspect power, lighting (and emergency lights), communication and security systems to name a few.